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WineNotes Glossary
Name Description
Assemblage The blending of newly-fermented wines derieved from each grape variety. Kincaid, K
Assemblage The blending process whereby the different components or grape varieties are added together to make the final wine ready for bottling. * No refre
Bottle Aging The period of time between the wine being bottled and consumed whereby the wines flavour profile develops in the bottle. This may be a conscious decision by the producer prior to releasing the wine for sale or once purchased an individual may cellar * No refre
Cap The thick crust of grape pulp and skin which floats to the surface of the must during fertmentation. Kincaid, K
Chai The cellar in which wine is barrel aged after fermentation and blending. There may be several chai in a winery for housing current and previous vinatges prior to bottling. Kincaid, K
Chaptalisation The addition of sugar to enrich must. The aim is not to make the wine sweet but to increase alcohol concentration. Kincaid, K
Cooper Tradesman who makes oak wine barrels. A french cooper undergoes a 7 year apprenticeship to master the technique. Weiss, M (
Cru Means `growth` and has come,by extension, to mean wine. Kincaid, K
Curve Large vats made from wood, stainless steel or concrete in which the newly picked grapes frement and turn into wine. Kincaid, K
Cuvaision The process and time for fermentaing grapes to develop into wine. Kincaid, K
Cuvier The cellar that houses curves. Kincaid, K
Debourbage When crushed grapes are allowed to stand overnight. Allows to grape juice to clarify. Rankine, B
Elevage Means `bringing up`. The initial ageing or developing of newly fermented wine. Elavage lasts between 18 months to 3 years. Kincaid, K
Extraction The maceration of skins before or after fermentation to extract tannins, colur and falvour. Extraction is temperature dependent. Kincaid, K
Fermantation The conversion by yeasts of grape sugars to alcohol. Kincaid, K
Filtering Filtering is the last step before bottling. It consists of passing wine through a physical barrier to remove particles. Over filtration can strip a wine. Kincaid, K
Fining A winemaking technique used for clarifying wine by the addition of natural or synthetic materials such as egg whites or bentonite. * No refre
Lees Aging Also - sur Lie - Process where the dead yeast and remaining grape skins are left in the wine after fermentation has finished. A labour intensive process that enhances flavours - adds to mouth feel. Weiss, M (
Malolactic Fermentation. Scondary fermentation whereby lactic bacteria converts the sharper malic acid to a softer, smoother lactic acid. Kincaid, K
Meritage Registered trademark of USA wines to underline the special `merit` and the great `heritage` of quality blended wines. Domine, A
Must Frementing grape juice Kincaid, K
Oenologist A wine taster or technichian. Kincaid, K
Oenologist One who has the knowledge of the science and principles and practices of wine and winemaking. Rankine, B
Oinos Greek for wine. Rankine, B
Oulliage The gap of air caused by evaoporation in a barrel adn the practice of topping up the cask with wine to ensure it stays full. Kincaid, K
Pomace Crust forming on the suface of a fermenting mixture * No refre
Racking The process of transferring juice or wine from one vessel to another such as barrel to tank. Once a wine has been left to settle, the clear liquid is drawn off and the deposits are left behind. * No refre
Secondary Characters Relate to the aroma and flavour profile of a wine once it has spent time in the bottle. More complex, mature characters will dominate with less influence of ripe berry and fruit. * No refre
Veraison When grapes change from green to purple. Halliday,
Village The evaporation of wine in a barrel during aging. Kincaid, K
Vinification Winemaking Kincaid, K
Viscosity The perception of a wine having a smooth velvety mouthfeel. Viscosity refers to the liquid weight of the wine. * No refre
Viticulture The growing of grapes. * No refre
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