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Winter Wine - Landline - ABC [News Articles Link] VIEW
Ian Henderson says the unusual micro-climate on his Granite Belt vineyard at Ballandean means his grapes can be picked in the dead of winter, several months after the last fruit in the country has been harvested. Viewed:0 +++++  
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From milk wars to wine wars at Coles | The Australian [News Articles Link] VIEW
FOSTERS wine chief recently raided Coles liquor outlets, buying as much Penfolds 389 as he could as part of its campaign to protect his brands from retailer discounts. Viewed:0  
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Alsace wine region, France [Publications Link] VIEW
Alsace wine region, France The allure of Alsace Renowned the world over for its aromatic, textural whites, Alsace is one of the more welcoming wine regions of France. Wine scribe Andrew Jefford scours the lush valleys and historic villages for the to Viewed:0  
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Philosophers Zone - 5 February 2011 - The philosophy of wine - aethetics, taste and smell [News Articles Link] VIEW
Can a wine really have notes of chocolate, truffle and violets? Can wines be feminine, pretentious or cheeky? Can wines express anything? Or, more philosophically, are the senses of taste and smell as structured as sight? Viewed:0  
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Amateur tasters pay $76,000 for 237-year-old bottle of `yellow wine` | The Australian [News Articles Link] VIEW
AN amateur wine group paid a record 57,000 ($76,000) for a 237-year-old bottle of wine from France`s eastern Jura region at a local wine festival auction. Viewed:0  
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Fit for a famous celebration [News Articles Link] VIEW
WHEN Cape Mentelle's gun winemaker, Robert Mann, pondered which wine he would make to celebrate the five-star Margaret River winery's 40th anniversary, there were few surprises when he settled on a Bordeaux-style red blend. Viewed:0  
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Lloyd Webber wine sells for 3.5m Lloyd Webber chose to sell his wine in China [News Articles Link] VIEW
Composer Andrew Lloyd Webbers wine collection has sold for US$5.6m (3.5m) at an auction in Hong Kong. Among the 746 lots, the most expensive case of wine was a Chateau Petrus 1982, 12 bottles going for $77,564 (48,500). Viewed:0 +++++  
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Police probe suspected wine scam [News Articles Link] VIEW
Police in Sydney say they have been alerted to suspicious wine transactions affecting suppliers across the country. Viewed:0 +++++  
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Scientists unearth world`s oldest winery [News Articles Link] VIEW
Archaeologists say they have found the worlds oldest known winery in a cave in Armenia, indicating that humans were distilling grapes during the Copper Age, more than 6,000 years ago. Viewed:0 +++++  
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Wine for drinking, not owning [News Articles Link] VIEW
IN the first nine months of last year, the BRL Hardy wine assets acquired by Constellation reported an operating profit of $2.5 million. Back in 2002, the net profit was $72.2m. Constellations Robert Sands poor timing balanced the brilliant timing Viewed:0  
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World`s oldest champagne uncorked - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) [News Articles Link] VIEW
Wine experts have popped the corks of two bottles of champagne salvaged from the bottom of the Baltic Sea, where they had lain in a sunken ship for nearly 200 years. On stage in front of Viewed:0  
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BBC News - Obesity`s link to sense of smell [News Articles Link] VIEW
People who are overweight have a greater sense of smell for food, a study has found. Researchers from the University of Portsmouth say their early findings may go towards explaining why some people struggle to stay slim. Viewed:0 +++++  
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Sauvignon blanc best stored chilled - Science Show - 16 October 2010 [News Articles Link] VIEW
After extensive and meticulous work which will probably always be ongoing, researchers at the University of Auckland have concluded their country`s iconic Sauvignon blanc is best stored chilled, at around 5 degrees. Cold storage can triple the shelf- Viewed:0  
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Rare old vintage [News Articles Link] VIEW
DOUG Crittenden gently eases the cork from a bottle of 1964 Barossa cabernet sauvignon. `This is one of ours,` he says as he slowly pours the russet old wine into a decanter. `We bought this in bulk from Saltram. Peter Lehmann was the winemaker back Viewed:0
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Wine trade sheds its corporate taint [News Articles Link] VIEW
Family-owned vignerons plan to restore the industrys faded fortunes It is tempting to portray the Australian wine industry as a vast collection of wineries all piled on a huge seesaw, with 20 very large companies churning out 75 per cent of the nati Viewed:0  
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Snob factor hits wines in China | The Australian [News Articles Link] VIEW
AUSTRALIAN winemakers might have won over Chinese drinkers with the flavour of their product, but they need to work on the snob factor. China is Australias fastest-growing wine market, with exports growing 46 per cent by value over the 12 months to Viewed:0  
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Toast your health: a drink or two may extend your life 18:43 GMT | The Australian [News Articles Link] VIEW
MODERATE drinkers actually live longer than teetotalers, lending more weight to the argument that imbibing does improve health, according to findings published today. Researchers from the University of Texas, Austin found that people who completely Viewed:0  
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Chinas Bright Foods eyes wine assets of Fosters | The Australian [News Articles Link] VIEW
The Australian understands the groups vice-president, Ge Junjie, who has been visiting Australia this week, has been urging Fosters to split its wine division into separate assets, rather than demerge the unit to shareholders in a newly listed vehicl Viewed:0  
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Choice reveals alcohol store rorts | The Australian [News Articles Link] VIEW
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WineMaker Magazine - Making Your Own Great Wine At Home [News Articles Link] VIEW
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