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Concepts- Your Journey
Wine Lists
Create and maintain a list of wines that you have sampled and make tasting notes for each wine
Wine Cellar
Create and maintain a list of wines in your cellar, compare tasting notes from each sampling. Compare how you describe the wine over multiple tasting
Wines to try
How often do you read in a magazine or newspaper, a list of recommended wines. Add these to your To Try list and give to your local wine merchant
Management online
The good news is that you can accss WineNotes anywhere anytime even when you are travelling.
Access is continuous and dynamic.
Keys: Versility, flexibility, dynamic
Wine Tastings
Compare how you describe wines compared to other WineNotes participants. Sometimes more than one persons enters a wine into WineNotes. You can create your own tasting notes and compare (anonymously) how your impressions compared with others.
Create a Tasting Group
WineNote News and Education
There is anothe side to WineNotes apart from keeping track of the wine consumed and tasted

WineNotes Mail publishes links to news items about wine and recent publications from wine journals that may be of interest to wine consumers. When you subscribe to WineNotes News, each link that you review is tagged to your account for future access and a proof of an aspect of your professional development. Access is independent of WineNotes

Keep in touch with whats happening

Recently introduced Survey modules.
Wine Regions

While not the primary role of WineNotes, information about wine regions adds balance to the wine you are drinking and provides an additional resource when you travel in a region.

Each wine is tagged to a wine region ( if known) and this may help you to decide which vineyards to visit .

A growing list of terms often in wine making and tasting.
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